It all started with the character Littlephant, a little red elephant created by Camilla Lundsten for her children’s books.

Ever since Camilla was young she has always had a pen in her hand, constantly creating characters, places and spaces, and images from her imagination. ”The wonderful thing about drawing is that it´s limitless”, she says, ”and you can create whatever you want”.

Scandinavia has a lovely tradition of illustration and storytelling. Growing up with parents who read books and comics to her, surrounded by Mumintrollet, Stig Lindeberg, Elsa Beskow, Poul Ströyer, Ilon Wikland and many more, she was inspired to draw from her own imagination.

In 2008 Camilla was contacted by the Swedish publishing house Rabén & Sjögren (publishers of Astrid Lindgren’s books among others). They loved her images and wanted to produce books with her illustrations.

Camillas background is in Creative direction/brand development, product design and interior decoration. In 2009/2010 she started the brand Littlephant ”to make all the  characters I love come to life”, she says.

The audience started to ask for more products and Littlephant quickly grew into becoming a brand for both kids and grown ups.

Today Littlephant offers not only books and stories for kids, but also products for you, your kids and your home. And the Littlephant character is finding new adventures to tell you about, so keep your ears and eyes open.

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