We are based in Sweden and our Littlephant office in located in central Stockholm. This is our hub where everything is created. But we are a brand spread all over the world, from Europe to Asia, Australia and U.S. with an extended family of great collaborators and partners all around.

So even if we are located way up north, where the polar bears walks the streets, we are also from the world of Littlephant.




Camilla Lundsten is founder of Littlephant and our Creative Director. She is the creative force behind the Littlephant world. She´s the mother of the character Littlephant, his family and friends, the author and illustrator of the books and the designer of all our products. camilla@littlephant.com 

You can also contact her at Camilla Lundsten Studio




Marie Ericsson Partner and Financial Manager.




Anna Lindgren – Sales and Export Manager




Ellen Thorén – Vice President Sales North & South Americas




Carin Blomkvist – Production Manager & Production Designer





Emelie Rydh – Intern at the Art Department


Emma Berg – Copywriter

She is a brilliant copywriter who helps our Littlephant brand talk nice. Together with her we have developed the Littlephant tonality. Check her site out to see what else she´s doing! www.missword.se


Frida Ström – Photographer

She´s the sweetest photographer with masses of patience, and the creator of many of our lifestyle shots. You can find her at www.fridastrom.se


Publishing Houses

We work closely together with Publishing Houses around the world. They publish and produce many of our books, and make Littlephant come to life in other languages then Swedish, how lovely! Check out where to find the different publishers at Contact