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2014-04-18 Easter egg DIY


To create beautiful eggs for your Easter dinner or breakfast is easy. We used food colour to dye pre-boiled eggs and black pencils to draw patterns by hand.

There are so many ways to decorate eggs but if you want to eat whats inside, make sure you use colour that is suitable for food. When dying eggs all you need to do is blend food colour with warm water. The more intense the coloured water is the faster the egg-surface will adapt it. Depending on what strength you want the colour to be, leave the egg in the water from a minute to several minutes. Make sure you use a spoon when putting the egg in the water if you don´t want too much colour on your hands… it’s usually quite hard to get off. If the colour won´t stick to the eggs, try to blend some vinegar to the coloured water, it may help. Good luck!

2014-04-14 Littlephant fabrics for Bemz tailored furniture covers


The Littlephant fabrics are developed to stand the test of time. Our high quality cotton weave make our prints look even more beautiful when being worn and loved in some ones home. In our collection you will find a large variety of unique prints and colours.

This week we release our collaboration with Bemz, who make tailored furniture covers for a wide range of IKEA furniture, bean bags and curtains. It’s a clever way of up-cycling your old IKEA furniture, or personalize a new one.

Six of our prints are available to customers all over the world via Bemz webshop ( and at the Bemz Showroom and Shop in Stockholm, Sweden.

Our entire collection of fabrics is also available directly from The fabrics are certified for dressing furniture, so why not re-dress your vintage lounge chair, make a curtain or create storage baskets for your favorite objects.

Get your creativity going with inspiration from the world of Littlephant!

If you want to know more please get in touch on

Available from april 15