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2013-11-26 Camilla´s Christmas DIY at TV4


Watch Camilla live at Swedish TV4 Nyhetsmorgon when she creates some great Christmas DIY for both kids, teens and grown ups. Who would not want a 3-dimentional calendar with a gift to be opened each day, starting 24 days before the big day arrives? A spinning Carousel or a Ferris wheel, you choose!

Watch it all on this linkör-din-egen-julkalender-5291f09bc459484992000005

Watch from other countrys:

2013-09-30 New Littlephant Kronan City Saga


A new Littlephant Kronan City pram and stroller is getting ready! Camilla Lundsten has designed the Saga fabric and all accessories for the stroller and the pram.White_spac_630x20e

“The inspiration to Littlephant’s Saga textile comes from the stories my parents used to tell me when I was a child. Stories that expanded my imagination and took me to the savanna. Where exotic elephants and the people living there had created natural trails in the landscape, to the sound of crickets and views of golden sunsets.

I hope that the happiness I felt when designing the Saga print will spread to those parents and kids who choose the stroller and pram as their every day companion. And that my Saga design will inspire parents to create spontaneous stories them selves” Camilla says.

Kronan City Saga is only 56cm wide and one of the most slim stroller and prams on the market. It´s perfect for total mobility and comfort when living in the city, with it´s swiveled front wheels and spacious interior. If you want to buy the pram or the stroller check out