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2015-02-10 Elle Decoration Swedish Design Awards 2015


The celebration of Elle Decoration Design Awards 2015 took place at Operaterassen in Stockholm on February 2.

It was a magic evening for us at Littlephant who was awarded Best Fabric of the year for our Fruit Garden fabrics! 

Check out the fabrics here View all images from the Awards on


Photo credit to /Emma Svensson and

2014-07-18 Evening in the Archipelago

Standard CMYK


Tonight we had dinner at our pier with my family. As the sun set we enjoyed a lovely pink Char with fresh baby potatoes and lemon-dill yoghurt. Swedish summer food is always quite simple to prepare yet delicious to eat. My Almond cake with lemon curd and strawberries is terribly easy to make for dessert, so here is the recipe. If going fishing with a three year old kid after dinner, it´s a great way to store some energy too… Enjoy! /Camilla


Grate 300 g of Almond icing, mix it well with 150 g soft butter until fluffy. Add  3 eggs and about 0.5-1 dl plain wheat flower, stir together. Put the batter in a breaded pan and bake the cake for about 25 minutes in an owen at 175 degrees Celcius. Leave it to cool and spread lemon curd on top of the cake. Whip double cream and spread on top of the lemon curd and cover the cake with masses of sweet summer strawberries.

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2014-07-13 Summer and blueberry buns




The blueberries are ready to be picked in the archipelago forest where I´m spending my summer. I would just like to share my best blueberry bun recipe with you. Enjoy! /Love Camilla

Make a bun dough by mixing 50 g of yeast with 0,5 g salt and 1,5 dl casted sugar. Then add 5dl of lukewarm milk and stir until the yeast has dissolved. Add 1 tea spoon of cardamom, 15 dl white flour and 125 g butter. Work the dough until smooth. Leave for 30 minutes in the bowl under a cloth and let it rise until it has double it´s size.

Divide the dough into two. Work one dough at the time with a roll and make a large flat thin square. Spread butter on the dough and then add blueberries all over (quite many). Finally spread casted sugar and vanilla on the surface (you decide how sweet you want your buns). Roll the dough to a tight roll , keeping the blueberries inside. Then cut 2,5 cm thick slices of dough and place them on a owen plate. Leave for 20-30 minutes to rise and then put them in the owen for about 8-10 minutes.




This afternoon we enjoyed the blueberry buns we baked earlier today. The small Littlephant mugs are great for kids but also for grown ups. I usually use them to serve both cocoa, tea and coffee for the entire family. The summer season is fantastic, anything from the forest or garden makes a lovely bouquet. I mixed wild Strawberries with Peonys, Roses, Clematis, Daises and Aquilegias and what a lovely scent!