Baby blankets & Comforters

When he’s asleep. Dreaming his dreams. When the wind is chilly. Or the sun too strong. When he needs the smell of familiar. Just for a while. Wrap him up and keep him safe. In a blanket from the world of Littlephant.


Baby blankets / Jersey ( 70 x 100 cm / 27.5″ x 39″ )

Elephant – White/yellow Art. no. 1009

Elephant – White/yellow Art. no. 1009

Elephant – Gray/gray Art. no. 1011

Elephant – Turquoise Art. no. 1097

Elephant – Red/gray Art. no. 1096



Baby comforters / Jersey ( 30 x 30 cm / 11.8″ x 11.8″ )



Elephant – White/yellow Art. no. 1012


Elephant – Green/gray Art. no. 1013


Elephant – Gray/gray Art. no. 1014

Littlephant Baby comforter Red

Elephant – Red/gray Art. no. 1098

Littlephant Baby comforter Turquoise

Elephant – Turquoise Art. no. 1099


Gift Box Set – Baby blanket & Comforter




Elephant – White/yellow Art. no. 1015


Elephant – Green/gray Art. no. 1016


Elephant – Gray/gray Art. no. 1017


Elephant – Red/gray Art. no. 1100


Elephant – Turquoise Art. no. 1101

Features This blanket is designed to be perfect for your baby. That’s why it’s made from the softest 100%  cotton. That’s why it’s printed with natural colours and therefor contains no bleach or dye. And that’s why it has loops that make it easy to connect the blanket to your baby carrier or to the pram. And you can wash it in machine on 40º C.