Play balls & pram necklaces

The clouds are out of sight. And so are the trees. The skyline. And the people passing by. Give your baby a view to admire. With a pram necklace from the world of Littlephant.


Circus – Multi
Art. no. 1018
Circus – Black/white
Art. no. 1019


Circus – Multi
Art. no. 1020


Our crochet play balls and pram necklaces are made by hand of 100% soft cotton yarn, containing no bleach or dye. They are CE-qualified and great for Babies to play with.

The play balls have jingles inside them to inspire your baby to grab the balls, training his or her fine motorics. The pram necklaces gives your baby a colourful view and fits most prams, beds and mosesbaskets.